Clumsy Omega | ongoing/cover needed

Clumsy Omega | ongoing/cover needed

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"Knock knock," I ask out of the blue. He frowned at me in confusion, while Liam said 'huh?' I ignored them both.

"Who's there," he said back slowly, unsure if he was doing it right. His gold eyes drifting from me to Liam behind me.

"None ya."

"None ya who." His confusion only deepen in his features, his brows drawn and a scrunched up eye.

"None ya business, so if you'd excuse Liam and I as we go and fetch something to bite," I say carelessly, grabbing Liam's hand then turning on my heels and leaving Aaron flabbergasted.


"Oh, Torpe! Forgot to shut the door sweetheart." Was it okay to feel the need to punch something -- his face -- so hard that it'll break instantly on contact?


Well that's what I was feeling right now as I stood in place. I let Liam's hand drop from mine, turning around to walk back over to Aaron and exaggeratedly shut my door. Eyeing him like a black stain on my white wall. It was more distracting than annoying.

"Happy, princessa?" Replying smugly, a small unnoticeable smirk plopping it's merry way onto my lips. It was fun tormenting him.


Macron is just your simple, average, giddy, slightly clumsy omega. Except she's mated to a forty five year old Alpha named Hugh on her eighteenth birthday, the day she's been dreading for years since the age of seven.

Since that dream, she's been helping around the pack with her friend Liam and his family as they took her in when she had no one. Her parents died when she was three.

Now that she's found her destined mate there's nothing else to worry about right?

Sorry to disappoint but Alpha Hugh is no Alpha you wanna mess with, nor his legendary son who is believed to have been the most scariest person known to werewolves.

Time will only tell if Mac can deal with all the new rules and regulations for a Luna, or she decides to reject him but why?

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