CRIMSON MAW- Afterburn Year One

CRIMSON MAW- Afterburn Year One

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FyaDwagon By IamFyaDwagon Updated May 17

I kneeled down beside him, pressed the lightened gun to his forehead.
He stared up at me "Necromancer's gonna bring you hell"
I pulled the trigger, only to hear the gun click. It was empty.  But I knew so before. The gun was too light.

This will be the Final Version of Crimson Maw

After a hard fought war that forced the United States to wean itself from foreign industrial might, the world is shaken to its core after a single hydrogen bomb is dropped in the Himalayas. Detroit has long proven itself to be America's biotech capital, but in this new world a single corporation has gained a stranglehold on Detroit, and they want a man known as the Necromancer dead. Enter Vishal Khatri, a Spec-Ops operator who has returned home after being discharged. Days after his homecoming, his family is decimated by the Necromancer.

-Second Priority-
Updates will be slow for this story.

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