The Memory Giver  (#Wattys2014)

The Memory Giver (#Wattys2014)

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E. By Evanlowe Completed

When Turtle Dawson’s 14 year-old brother returns after being dead for two years, he brings with him fond memories of the old days, and a chance at redemption for the entire family. But there's something different about A.D., something dark and sinister, and if Turtle continues to do as A.D. tells him, he could wind up in a world of hurt, or worse, he could wind up dead.

  • horror
  • romance
  • romance-thriller
  • romantic-thriller
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savvy0642 savvy0642 Nov 15
xespionxxx xespionxxx Jul 27
I just came here to comment this reminded me of the giver. Best book ever😍😍
davelli0331 davelli0331 Oct 06, 2015
This is a well written intro. Lots of "show, don't tell", and I liked how you peppered bits of their back story into it without going off into long summary. I like it!
clipclop clipclop Feb 24, 2015
This book might be great but I'll never know because it isn't actually finished- it just cuts off randomly because eventually this book will be published after beta readers it says. So glad I stayed up several hours too late to hit this brick wall. The prologue never ties into the story.
YowenFate YowenFate Feb 10, 2015
That Turtle name is funny.
                              i find this interesting and yet creepy.
Evanlowe Evanlowe Dec 13, 2014
His name is Theo.  It's a nickname his father gave him when he was a baby, crawling around on the floor, and it stuck.