Pain Fades

Pain Fades

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Cheshrawr By Chibi-Berry Updated Jan 13, 2015

Pain Fades.

A Naruto Fanfic, I do not own any of the characters (I don't own the cover image either).
If you don't lick BL/Yaoi/Boy x Boy/Gay, please leave now or don't dislike what you're about to read.

Naruto has lost his ninja way after Sakura dying and Sasuke unable to be found. Tsunade thought it would help him if she sent him to be in the Sand/Suna's ANBU, it's been four years and now Naruto has finally returned home.


Awe poor Naruto. I'm actually glad that Sakura died. That leaves one less fan girl in the village of Konoha. I hate fan girls. They shoudn't exist. But sadly they do. And they have voices like banshees
GAAAAAAAARAAAAAAAAAAA!!!! *faints of too much gangirly-ness*