Pain Fades

Pain Fades

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Cheshrawr [Inactive] By Chibi-Berry Updated Jan 13, 2015

Pain Fades.

This is just an idea I had in my head at some point and decided to write more about it in little-more-than-dotpoint form. This isn't brilliant writing but at least the story is getting across in enough detail for plot.

A Naruto Fanfic, I do not own any of the characters (I don't own the cover image either).
If you don't lick BL/Yaoi/Boy x Boy/Gay, please leave now or don't dislike what you're about to read.

Naruto has lost his ninja way after Sakura dying and Sasuke unable to be found. Tsunade thought it would help him if she sent him to be in the Sand/Suna's ANBU, it's been four years and now Naruto has finally returned home.


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JohnnyseoSuju15 JohnnyseoSuju15 Mar 18, 2017
LMAOOOO Poor Temari! :'v Kankuro carried her like a sack of potatoes :v
FunnyKittens FunnyKittens Apr 18, 2017
Me with school
                              Mom: School starts in 2 minutes! Get your lazy a$$ up!
                              Me: -looks at clock- -lays back down in bed- I still got time-
Arose1901 Arose1901 Jul 08, 2017
Sakura was a bitch to him for the longest time not sure i can be upset that shes dead in this on.
Thunder105411 Thunder105411 Apr 13, 2017
Ohh what a uh...       uh...   a...  um...     Happy Beginning?
Thunder105411 Thunder105411 Apr 13, 2017
She does wear a lot so um...  She could be a sack of Potatoes??...     Maybe...
SapphireKageKyuura92 SapphireKageKyuura92 Jan 09, 2017
Awe poor Naruto. I'm actually glad that Sakura died. That leaves one less fan girl in the village of Konoha. I hate fan girls. They shoudn't exist. But sadly they do. And they have voices like banshees