Flawlessly Shattered

Flawlessly Shattered

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Renee Duport By whoopee_dolphin Updated Mar 07, 2011

Hey everybody, welcome to the world of me.

With all the pressure riding on me to be perfect, and have a stellar GPA, keep the best guy ever and social life while juggling everybody’s interests and working to get into a great Ivy League university, and on top of that all plan the Deb Ball, or the biggest social event of the season...

I couldn’t help myself. Finally, after years of hiding behind my friendly grin, I snapped.

Here’s my confession: I killed Elllen Whinestead.

Then-I continue murdering people in cold blood as it offers me a respite from all my duties.

Until she dies.

A day after her 18th birthday, Julie’s murdered in cold blood and found on the canteen floor. 

But the thing is, this time, the killer isn’t me.

They say it takes a thief to catch a thief. Well, I wonder if the same holds true for murderers?

Whatever it is, I better find the guy quick as the odds are in his favor- he knows my identity while I don't know his.

The challenge-kill as many people as possible before the stipulated time is up. The catch? You may only murder three people at most each day. The second you get caught, it's all over. The prize? The winner gets his life back with no repercussions whatsoever from all the crimes he/she's committed. The loser, on the other hand will be shot in a faked suicide where he/she has to confess to all the immoral things he/she and the other player's done.

Stay tuned for the winner, because you know I'm watching. Now it's kill or be killed in this game of deadly cat and mouse. It's on.

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whoopee_dolphin whoopee_dolphin Apr 27, 2011
@rimmie558 @LuvHurtz @WickedGleek96 thanks I'll definately upload soon and you'll see more of Hailey's personality. Any cast suggestions?
ImJustOneGirl ImJustOneGirl Apr 27, 2011
wow is it really real??? well anyway its a really stron beggining and the whole idea of a school for rich kids is really cool :) i go to a really posh private school wihch is nothing like what everyone wites about so this will be interesting :)
RimUranium RimUranium Apr 26, 2011
Very hooking beginning! I already love the starting of the plot and I definitely hope you get the next chapter up soon! Voted <3
whoopee_dolphin whoopee_dolphin Apr 24, 2011
@xSnowxFallsx0006 @tdh-gymno @morningstories @OneInspiredChica thanks for encouraging me, I'll definately upload a 4 page chapter asap!
TheSnowborn TheSnowborn Apr 21, 2011
You have excellent dialogue, I personally liked it and can't wait for more, amazing job. :)
tdh-gymno tdh-gymno Apr 19, 2011
Pulls you in right from the start!
                              Great job!
                              can't wait to read the next part!