The Mafia's Queen

The Mafia's Queen

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She's his world that made him stay,
She's his forever that made him believe,
She's his fire that kept love burning him,
She's his and she always will be.
Ever since they were 16, they have a secret relationship that they kept from the mafia organization due to their not-so-fondness to the attention.

Their now 20 years old and they have been keeping the secret for 4 years.

Soon people find out due to an incident.

They deal with complications, problems, love, missions and their relationship.

And with them being The Head of the Mafia organization and The second-in-command their relationship will get in the way.

Along with Boruto planning to propose to Sarada and finally settling down.
"Hello anybody in there?" I asked as I closed the door.

Then a figure got out of my bed and came over to me.

A blond knuckle head with crystal blue eyes and whiskered cheeks walked over to me and wrapped his arms around my waist.

"Hey baby" his voice was husky and I thought it was hot.

This was none other than my secret boyfriend for 4 years,

The one and only,

The love of my life,

Boruto Uzumaki.
What will they do? Will their relationship last till the end? Will Boruto propose? Will Sarada say yes? Will their fathers approve?

Modern Au

Wanna find out? Go ahead read sweetheart