Carrying The Alpha's Heir || 전정국

Carrying The Alpha's Heir || 전정국

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☆Kim T...|김태형☆ By mr_kriswuyifan Updated 6 days ago

"Y/N, you belong to me. You are my slave and you'll do as I say. Now tell me, where is my heir..."


You had always been a good girl, but your world came crashing down when the man you had loved conned you and left you with a broken heart.

To get your mind off of things, your best friend Taehyung took you to a club, but after a little too many drinks you became someone you had never expected to be...

Who would have thought accidently having a one night stand with a handsome stranger would lead you to becoming marked by an Alpha king who only wanted an heir?

What will happen to you who he despises with all his being?

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ShancyLove ShancyLove Oct 05
Why is this so true? Also can we talk how quiet people can get aggressive!?
                              I am the living proof
Sarah-rang Sarah-rang Oct 08
Back to the video in the banana field where Taehyung was playing this game with Jimin and Rm! The cutest thing ever!
ShancyLove ShancyLove Oct 05
Status: looking forward for the next chapter
                              Status: wondering how sunbae keeps up with so many books. #amysterywaitingtobesolved
manikhamoo manikhamoo Oct 05
*que Wizards of  waverly place theme song* “everything is not *le dramatic pause* as it seems “
ChensTea ChensTea Oct 04
ShaneUnnie ShaneUnnie 4 days ago
Maybe because Tae is also a werewolf and he knows that the kid is also a werewolf