Bella was not Edward's mate at all. But Carlisle's. Alice knows this. Since before Bella was born.
I love this story. what happens next. I can't wait to find out!! :)
@AntonineStrike hey I have a question could u please fiw ur mistakes stuff like that really bothers me I hate to be one of these people saying stuff like this so yell scream and smack me all u want because I deserve all of it
hey guys. i appreciate you all commenting on my story. im sorry .i cant upload anymore. this is a one shot , so really sorry. but watch out! i might make a novel of carlisle and bella pairing in the future! :)))
ook you like need to continue this story whatt happens  next what happens to everyone you so need to post more
You need to continue this...want to know what happens to Esme now. And all the others....does she find another mate??
aw that is sweet upload if there's anything left to write!!!!!!!!!!!!<333