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KenaBunbun By kenabunbun12300 Updated Dec 13, 2019

Two different groups of friends meet in the most unlikely way
The group then started to get to know each other rather quickly
They then take notice of a topic about soulmates..
Will they soon find who their looking for?..

Or will they discover a darker side to their story?...

While in the background.. the two brothers keep making bets..
Bets on who will be much closer to who..
The other sibling slowly getting broke from each bet lost..
(Poor nightmare -w-)

yeah.. practically a book about ma fav sancest ships.. not spoiling them tho..but this is my first book... so please take it easy on some hate..
(if there are) and also.. i apologize in advance to all that ship fellberry, cream, and lustfell... im not sorry for those who ship error and ink with other peeps.. in that case.. if you do ship error and ink with other peeps.. i give you the  face of disappointment -- (-_-)