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bëllä By wolfbell Completed

Olivia has been abused by her brother all her life, and she has the bruises and burns to show it. 

When she makes a stand and moves out, she meets a boy; a wonderful boy. 

But the two boys, brother and lover, are connected, and Olivia is scared. 

Scared of the brother's hate, and afraid of the boy's love.

  • baby
  • betrayal
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  • bruises
  • burn
  • drama
  • future
  • hurt
  • love
  • marriage
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  • olivia
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DebraHilleyYork DebraHilleyYork Oct 25, 2016
If you can't trust family then who can you  trust, he's a monster
cremedelaoreo cremedelaoreo Oct 16, 2014
Ooh, this was a nice chapter.  I can't believe it's actually her brother!  I loved the way you closed it by using figurative language.  There were mild errors- surely typos- and the commas were misused as well.  Despite these issues, I enjoyed another chapter of Bruises :)
_Mad_Tyke_ _Mad_Tyke_ Oct 11, 2014
NOOO way!!! I didn't even guess... I just assumed it was a family member
maddypercival_ maddypercival_ Aug 23, 2014
I think it's either her dad, brother or maybe even her boyfriend ??
wolfbell wolfbell Aug 22, 2014
First instalment! Please comment guys, don't b silent readers. I write because I love to, but I would still appreciate some acknowledgement. xx _wolfbell