Adorkable (ON HOLD)

Adorkable (ON HOLD)

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gabs By Glazedbymoi Updated Sep 08, 2020

"Just because you haven't been watched, doesn't mean you're being unnoticed." -Macenth Hawthorne

He's the center of attention.

She's the avoider of it.

He's adored, yet feared.

She's quite known, yet stomped.

He's the known Alpha.

She's the unknown Hybrid.

He's misunderstood.

SHE'S misunderstood.

He's Macenth Hawthorne.

She's Althea Leyrune.


I don't know what came over me, but I saw the broken mirror flashed beneath me, showing my blue eyes turning orange with a little yellow in the middle, glowing like fire. The ground shook and the man holds the gun harder to my head. "W-what are you?!"

I flicked my head fast enough to caught him off guard and pushed him away. 

He shouldn't have underestimated any situation.

I gave a side look to Macenth as he stepped beside me. I grinned wickedly to the pathetic man. "Definitely not an angel."

One thing for sure...

She MAY like her alone time, but she's a dork.

Still..  She's the definition of adorable in his eyes.

Hence, an Adorkable Althea to his Macenth.

Another amazing cover by : @GoddessOfGuess ! She a queen doee 😍🤍