Inmates: X-227

Inmates: X-227

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~The extraordinary became ordinary when you put them in the same room.~


What if you had abilities? Powers that are as much a part of you as your brain and your body. A power that has never been seen by the world before.

What if you lived in a terrible place? A bad place where you are tested on in the pursuit of knowledge. Where monsters and murderers claim their helping, only they're hurting you instead. 

What if you had a friend? Then your friend is taken from you. Discarded and thrown away, with only their blood on your hands to show for it.

What if they pushed you to your limits? And you decide that you've finally had ENOUGH.

[Credit to @Amanda-Mae for the cover!]

[Ranked #7 in SCIENTISTS]

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SaintCole SaintCole Oct 18
Regardless and of course together doesn't flow very well. I'm not sure I have the solution, but if I had to get rid of one it's regardless, because of course retains the voice of the MC which is more important
Sukaretto_ Sukaretto_ Sep 29
This is somehow better than every book in my school's library combined!
Are you kidding? Holy crap I think that was better writing than most published books i read. Seriously, that was amazing whoa.
                              Can't wait for the rest of it!
SaintCole SaintCole Oct 18
You've heard it a lot but that last line is an amazing quote.
Omg i think i know which one this is YES YOU WROTE IT THANKS YOU<3<3
SaintCole SaintCole Oct 18
I'm a sucker for a good hook and this certainly qualifies and exceeds expectations.