Iron & Wine

Iron & Wine

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Iron & Wine is a Paranormal Romance set in a world full of hidden magical places and secret societies cloaked by modern day. 

In the first instalment of the Iron World Series, young artist Avery Quinn reluctantly leaves behind her quiet and comfortable home in the country and moves to the city with her best friend Julie Ryan. With the expectation that college will be the most exciting part of her life, Avery hopes that her little world remains quiet and simple. 

But after a troublesome blue sprite comes looking for help, her boss turns out to be a three-hundred-year old vampire, and her best friend accidentally reveals herself as an orphaned pixie, school quickly becomes the least of her worries. 

Every aspect of Avery's life explodes with mythical beings and legendary creatures who all play a very important role in her existence. Some are friends, some are guardians, while others quickly become 
deadly enemies. 

Avery must learn to juggle living in both her world and theirs. But in this magical tale of strange love, strong bonds and scary beings; what once was nothing more than mere fairy tales told to her by her Aunt Tess are now a scary reality and Avery has somehow landed deep in the middle with no way out except death or worse...the loss of her humanity

  • avery
  • fairy
  • fantasy
  • fey
  • jack
  • magic
  • paranormal
  • romance
  • therian
  • urban
  • vampire
  • werewolf
DrizzleKid DrizzleKid Dec 23, 2015
Very beautiful first chapter. I would have hoped for a bit more magic - but I'll keep reading to see how the story develops.
KoningDerp KoningDerp Nov 15, 2015
Ah, this makes me think of the cabin I want in Ireland...*Gazes off into the distance and becomes a jellyfish*
free_spirt_reborn_22 free_spirt_reborn_22 Oct 06, 2015
Damn this chapter made me jealous! XD So magical and beautiful.
lilihenderson00 lilihenderson00 Sep 06, 2015
This chapter is so precious. It seems magical. I want to live there. I'll definitely keep reading
EvaKleppek EvaKleppek Sep 02, 2015
Are you shitting me? You seriously start this book by your character waking up? This is the lamest way to start a book ever!
cutielove8 cutielove8 May 29, 2015
So is no one going to mention the fact that she didn't brush her teeth or bathe?