Requiem Of Tears

Requiem Of Tears

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Nyami Tsuchi By RayneRamos Updated Jul 03, 2012

A world that is supported by Mana energy known as Za'Diel is where the story begins.

   The story revolves around a 15-year old, adventurous boy named Sharuma Karuzo. His father died long before he was born leaving him and his mother behind. After living in a world that was at peace, things started to change as his 16th birthday comes. 

  Starting from his mother who was stabbed by a ''cursed dagger'' known as ''Bane of Torment''.

His mother was given eternal life but the price is that the wound never heals. In short eternal pain and bleeding.

Thus Sharuma swore that he'd find the man behind this and find a way to save his mother.

But things aren't as easy as he thought, the world suddenly undergoes drastic changes that causes and outburst of chaos.

What fate awaits for him. . . ?! 

[Anime inspired]