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XXXheartnetXXX By XXXheartnetXXX Updated 3 years ago
Please read my first story!!!
    This is about Reika Yuzuki a popular, intelligent, beautiful and timid student that afraid to open up with  other people because of CERTAIN REASONS and  Ryo Shinichi also a popular student that describe as a handsome, cool, tough, mature guy by the female students in the campus, but the truth he is a.........
    what will happen with this two???
    please read,review/comment. vote my story.... thanks :)
    I accept criticisms,but please don't be too harsh with your words... thanks :D
haha pero mas mabait ako pag tulog ^^.. yea ALL HAIL OTAKU !!
@cynical_cupid08 busog kasi :)) haha ska supporter ng mga fellow otaku ^^
It's Interesting =w= but since the cover is C.C. and Lelouch should i imagine this as C.C.XLelouch fan fid.?xD anyways It's awesome :3
                                    for criticism ha... no offense...gusto cu lang mag improve ka...
                                    a.. e..
                                     wag masyado ipaulit ulit ung sentence.. yun ung tinatawag na redundancy sa writings.. ^^..
                                    interesting ung story :D parehas kmeng hate ang p.e :D write more !
@PatriciaMaeTan SHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH wag magulo ^_____________^
Gotta suggest lang po huh!! About the spacing, bale naghiwa-hiwalay kasi mga sentences mukhang nasobrahan ata sa pag "ENTER" the way hoho pareho kami ni Reika hindi athletic hehehe mahina din ang baga ko sa mga ganun..weeehhh I'll read this :D