Blind By Love [KlaNo/TinCan/AePete]

Blind By Love [KlaNo/TinCan/AePete]

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Blind By Love

Kengkla that dont have any girlfriend after someone cheated with him and what if he suddenly found a guy that make him happy

Techno the person that so innocent about his life and doesnt know what is love because he dont have any girlfriend or boyfriend in his life but what happen if someone just flirt him 


Tinn doesnt like a lower class than him and after he found someone that lower class than him he fell like he want to tease that boy and he really want to see that boy every day

Can always angry and he not scared of anyone and he very mad because someone always tease him


Aepete that always know a sweet couple but something happen that make they fight 


Type want to make Good became a normal persons but because of his plan he fell like he want to stay with Good forever and ever but he doesn't know how

Good is so slow and everyone call him sloth and he really innocent because he doesnt know that Type love him


Technic is Techno brother and he want to help his friend to get his brother 


Pond very good friends and he always want to make aepete realitionship success


Ple and Red are twins and she want to make all their friends became gay because she addicted with gay and they plan to make all their friend couple

Hi guyss..maybe i little bit copy Love By Chance Story
But 30/100%
I think i copy a little bit story at LBC but just 30% 

Hope u like it

[Main couple]
Kengkla & Techno

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artfiendg artfiendg Nov 08
You are doing a fine job with English as a second language.  Just like Notyourbaby95, I could offer help with the English if have not already accepted help.  Keep it up!!
Hey author-nim, no offense meant but would you like someone to be your beta reader? The one that edit your works and check for grammatical errors? I think you really need one.
Rashika_P Rashika_P Oct 20
It is so impressive and pleasant that you write in English even though its not your mother language. I really respect you for that. Please ignore those who say that your English is bad because you can always get better with practice!
Same I’ve been shipping them since Good tried to scare Type that one timer
Rashika_P Rashika_P Oct 20
Now that you mention it, they would really look hot together
Yulieantie Yulieantie Oct 19
I only love tincan, they're is like Tom and Jerry, is remind me of mingkit story lol