Death Wish {Naruto FanFiction}

Death Wish {Naruto FanFiction}

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Kichi Kobayashi is a homeless fourteen-year old girl with a terrible heart disease. Without her parents, or friends, to help her through this incurable disease, Kichi Kobayashi has turned to sitting in front of the video store watching a series called 'Naruto: Shippuden'. One night, which Kichi thinks in her last, Kichi wishes to join her anime friends in there world, leaving this disease behind. When Kichi wakes up, she's a fully animated ninja! She also realized that the pain in her heart has stopped and she actually feels alive.

 What will Kichi Kobayashi do with her new body? Will she be a born ninja or a born


    HurricaneLLy HurricaneLLy Jul 12, 2016
    birds are singing 
                                  Flowers are blooming
                                  On days like these
                                  Kids like you
                                  Should be burning in bell!
    ZEROzero00 ZEROzero00 Jul 09, 2012
    @DemonNinjaTsukiNeko Yeah, and Sakura accually DOES something for a change!!!!
    MajesticKat MajesticKat Jul 09, 2012
    "do I look like a ninja to you?" lol. I've seen a few episodes of naruto shippeden. Heads up, sakura actually becomes useful and gets upper body strength! XD
    ZEROzero00 ZEROzero00 Jul 04, 2012
    @Problems911 Thank you! My sister is making me watch some of the fillers so I'm, like, dying here!
                                  @Pikuto Haha! Thanks!