Ultimate Goddess System

Ultimate Goddess System

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silentscarlettt By silentscarlettt Updated 4 days ago

Ever since she could remember, Xiao Yunhua has always been condemned for being ugly. Not only has she been bullied, but she was often criticized for being ugly as compared to her darling of a beautiful stepsister.

To escape their scorn, Xiao Yunhua's only salvation for feeling beautiful were her books featuring beautiful protagonists with their protagonists auras. There, she could envision herself in their place and pretend to pretty, too. But Xiao Yunhua didn't expect for her stepsister to cause her such a big scandal that it only left her with one choice: suicidal death.

Although instead of waking up in the afterlife, Xiao Yunhua heard a strange alarm and childish voice: 

<<Ding! Ultimate Goddess System unlocked. Welcome, newcomer! Your goal? To become the most beautiful of them all while stealing the heart of every man!>>


Updates are every 1-3 days! Although Webnovel readers will have earlier access to chapters.
Current cover is based on arc one.
Cover will change for every arc!

Discord server: https://discord.gg/rrZguqp

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ferky123 ferky123 Oct 27
Conscience instead of conscious as the first deals with feelings and the second is if you're aware of your surroundings.
Oh gosh. I wouldnt mind her life being full of hell then. I actually felt sorry lmaooooo but not now
Harth_Artemis Harth_Artemis 4 days ago
I don't see anything wrong with being fat. Why do people always pertain ugly as fat? Like ugly is different and fat is different. Grow up!
DrownInSpit DrownInSpit Oct 08
Well, unless he like ugly and fat b*tch ! Anyhow, he is already a b*tch's boyfriend, the only thing that is different is the look.
Elderleech Elderleech Oct 14
Wow! A very unique style for introducing the story! I love it! 😘😘
DrownInSpit DrownInSpit Oct 08
Yes, and its very well written, easy to read for me (despite being french).