~Disease of the Mind~ An Undertale AU Fanfiction

~Disease of the Mind~ An Undertale AU Fanfiction

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Gaster Blaster Ink🎨 By SoraTheDutchie Updated Jul 13

All was peaceful in the Underground... That is, until a horrible disease began spreading rapidly amongst all monsters.

It started in Hotland... Then spread to Waterfall... Finally, it has reached Snowdin.

Sans never goes outside anymore. He doesn't even go to Grillby's, out of fear the disease will infect him and he won't be able to protect his brother in these dangerous times.

All hell has broken loose... And it lurks just beyond the Skelebros' locked doors.

WARNING: This fanfic contains horribly painful transformations, cursing, character suffering, gore and other content of that sort. Do not read if you are uncomfortable with any of said themes.

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