Crooked P.J.M √

Crooked P.J.M √

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Kim Saerun By saerunkim15 Completed

"Are you still sure you've fallen for me?" 


Money, drugs and ecstasy. Some people live for it. Not having a bigger purpose, not wanting to feel love, warmth or any emotion. Not even wanting happiness. Just lying numb on the bed until the effect of the drug washes off and the foggy mind starts to clear out again. 

Jay wants to detach himself from the world. Miso wants to help it. He wants to let his past drown but she wants to dig it up. What happens when both their worlds crash into eachother? Having nothing to give and having everything taken away, will they ever be able to see past their differences? 

"I won't ever fall in love because I know what people are and I know what they can do. Being in love means being hurt beyond repair and I'm broken enough already."

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#1 in jiminff
 #14 in tragic. 
#1 in underrated ㅠㅠ 


Winner of Dreamcatcher awards.                     Best title 
2nd runner up in Daydream awards.                 Best description 
1st place in Envie awards.                                  Best plot 
Book of the year in BTS Grammy Awards        Best writing style    
                                                                                 Best characters 

Park Jimin fanfiction
Cover by @petaldrops

Started: September 2018
Completed:January 2019

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