you're not even HUMAN! So why are you living with us?!?!

you're not even HUMAN! So why are you living with us?!?!

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Debbie ( But everyone calls me Tom. Don’t ask why XD) By Just_let_go Updated Aug 11, 2012

17 year old Lauren has a secret. She can see faeries; she could see them ever since she was born. But almost everyone around her can’t see them (except for her aunt and grandmother.)And then Julian Carter came into the picture. Lauren is instantly attracted to him. And can you blame her? He’s sexy and he’s staying IN THE NEXT ROOM. She can’t believe this is actually happening to her! 

Then she finds out the worst thing ever. Julian IS a faery! Faery prince that is, of the Lux court. His first name is Oberon which means king of the faeries and her first name is Titania which means queen of the faeries. The day she finds this out, she wants nothing to do with him. But that is impossible as Lauren is the only reason Julian is here. So that he can bring her back to the Lux court and make her his queen. This has been Lauren’s destiny ever since she was born. But does she want this? Even the way Julian’s father is watching her shows that he does not like her.  

But then again, she never knew that she is the reason that his father will have to give his crown to his son! If Lauren dies or disappears then Julian won’t be crown king. Then Julian gets kidnapped by the Koli court now, she has to get him back. The only thing the Koli court wants more than to watch innocent people and faeries die is to control another court. But Lauren can’t do that. She has to get help from the Duffy court and the tree mother. Can she save Julian, the Lux court AND herself?

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