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Deadly Silence

Deadly Silence

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The All Mighty Rachel By sockmonkey Updated Apr 04, 2011

Before editing, cropping, addage of wording, and ect. was done, the cover picture wast taken from and all rights goes to -Reverse-Inverse
Exceprt: I walk down the hallway, my backpack slung casually over one shoulder.  I try to turn my ears away from the whispering, but it's as if it stuck to my eardrum like gum to a shoe.  "Have you heard?" 
"Yeah, didn't she kill her parents?"
"There's no evidence, but I mean, come on, it's obvious that she did!"
"Is it true that she's never spoken a word in her life?"
"I heard that a cat clawed her tongue out when she was a baby!"
"Oh yeah, I heard that one too!"
The words just keep on spinning around me as I hold my head high and walk straight to class.  Yet, their gossiping hit me like minature bombs.  Maybe I should just give up... to give in.
Esmeralda, a young lady who's beauty is more radient than even the sun!  Not that anyone would notice a loner and a mute.  Well, maybe she's not a real mute, but she's swore that she'll never utter another word ever since that... incident when she was only five.  But, when people start blaming her for her parent's mysterious murder, can Emeralda keep from talking, or will every wall she built crumble down just to end some gossip?
Meet Owen Parker, the glorious star quarterback for the high school's football team.  He's got everything, the golden looks, the money, the talent.  Well, he has almost everything, except for a young girl that he's loved since first grade.  Her glorious blond curls and those kiss me green eyes just seems to draw him to her.  The only issure is, she won't talk to anyone.  Heck, she won't even look at anyone for more than a few seconds!  What will Owen do to get hs quiet beauty to speak to him, even if it's just to mutter a thanks?

BreadStickMaster BreadStickMaster Aug 28, 2016
Story is amazing so far! I really hope you keep writing. ❤️❤️❤️
sockmonkey sockmonkey Apr 06, 2011
@Sweetiepie99 Aw thanks!
                              @TKAnez Thank you so much! And, I wasn't trying to make it an essay type style, so whoops!
TKAnez TKAnez Apr 06, 2011
This stared out a bit essayistic, but it was a great hook! Reading on~
xXxTwilightLuverxXx xXxTwilightLuverxXx Mar 07, 2011
-So interesting!  You have great story ideas! Your short prologues always leave me wanting more. =]