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Teenage Love (A Cameron Dallas Fanfic)

Teenage Love (A Cameron Dallas Fanfic)

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TeenFiction23 By TeenFiction23 Completed

Who would have thought Cameron Dallas would like me?

pinche_alyssa pinche_alyssa Oct 13, 2016
Wtf u too confusing first you love him then u hate him sounds like a Taylor swift song to me 😂
ryanseyebrows ryanseyebrows Aug 14, 2016
this is so fuckking confusing i thought she hated him a few seconds
luke-hemmings1234 luke-hemmings1234 Sep 17, 2016
Don't you give up no no no don't you give up now let me love you let me love you oh baby baby
ok_dolans ok_dolans Sep 11, 2016
I think I just had a hysterical breakdown in front of my family .
Maddison129 Maddison129 Jan 16
fandomtrash_noregret fandomtrash_noregret Sep 02, 2016
News flash he can get anyone in the entire universe if he plays his cards just right. And he's three years older than Nash so he can't be in the same grade... Unless he was held back three times. *and* Cameron lives in Chino, California and Nash and Hayes live in Greensboro, North Carolina. I think.