Kakashi's Daughter (Naruto Fanfic)

Kakashi's Daughter (Naruto Fanfic)

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(NOT COMPLETE) Her village was in chaos when she was born. Her father took her out of the village and left her in the forest so he could help defend the village from the nine-tailed beast. She was found by a black wolf cub. The cub helped her survive as an infant and they became like a family. She thought that her parents didn't want her when she born so they dumped her into the forest to die. When she comes back to the village the wolf found her by, she goes to the academy and gets put on team 7. When she meets Kakashi Hatake, he has a feeling she is his missing child. Follow her on her journey with team 7 and Kakashi. How will she change the people around her and how will she survive with a load mouth, a pink blob as a bully, an emo she keeps getting closer and closer to, and people who are trying capture her? Read it to find out. 
I do not own Naruto,  just my characters. Picture up top up but with longer hair. 

P. S. Most of the picture in this fanfic, I created by an app.

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