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REBECCA SKY By RebeccaSky Completed

After getting his heart broken, the last thing Finn Harlow wants is to join a club of gentlemen who specialize in seducing women. But when given a bet he can't refuse, Finn finds himself over his head in a game called...the Cheaters Club. 

Finn Harlow met his soul mate in kindergarten, but fate isn't always kind and she wound up married to his best friend. After years of watching in silent agony, he's certain he's met a girl who can finally mend his broken heart--until he finds her in the arms of her lover. 

In walks Holden Drake; dark, mysterious, and dripping in confidence. All the things Finn wishes he was. He promises to turn Finn into a modern-day Casanova, and offers a guarantee that no woman will leave Finn again. But something about Holden doesn't seem right and the deeper Finn pries, the more he stumbles into a world of sex and scandal, leaving him forced to decide if he will risk it all to chase his first love, or succumb to the invitation and join...The Cheaters Club.

- - May 26
God bless the author for not making us have to read all of that 👍🏾🙏🏾👌🏾
He's not bad looking, hit that replay button.  Naw, JK, JK, JK.
Honestly this is better than any other cheating plot 😂 I've never seen this type good job!
XRisMonstER XRisMonstER 2 days ago
Okay I know his heart is about to be demolished,  but does anyone ever wonder what these girls usr to always smell like flowers,  happy sunshine, and nature
I'm twenty three and I still think I'm too young to get married.
CristinaEJ_ CristinaEJ_ May 24
OMG. Totally hooked already! This is amazing.. You write so well!