Falling for me too (A Niall Horan Fan fiction) [Updating Slowly]

Falling for me too (A Niall Horan Fan fiction) [Updating Slowly]

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Rayanna Stypayhoralikson By BlueSkyKisses Updated Jun 25, 2015

10 years from now

"Why wont he talk?" i asked the doctor.

"It isnt just something you did, he wont talk to anyone, not since the end of One Direction" the doctor said back to me.


30 year old nurse Nerissa was just another fan. She remembers everything. The xfactor, the stairs, the laughs, the tears, the up all night tour, The girlfriends, The breakups, The drama, the ups, the downs, the beginning and sadly the ending. But what she doesn't remember is what happened after the ending. The boys left twitter, facebook and youtube and left the fans completely in the dark and only with the final words saying they where breaking up because of differences that could not be resolved. She never expected to be caring for Niall Horan from one direction though. She defiantly didnt expect to fall in love with him either.



Nothing in this story should be taken seriously at all! This is just a story i had made up. I do not wish anything bad happens to the boys or anything like that i just wanted to write a more dramatic fan fiction! I just thought i would put this here before i get 825325235 comments saying i am a bad person for writing this or something like that.

On that note, Enjoy the story!

~Rayanna xx