Everything you have to know about boys!

Everything you have to know about boys!

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100% about boys 

If You're a girl and you like boys, 
than this is a book for you! 
you get to know a lot more about them..

Let's find out!

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MissTacoMan MissTacoMan Aug 06
I want to know what a boner feels like, just out of curiosity
First off, completely unrelated, the irony that Connor Franta, a gay man who I have crushed on forever but have accepted the fact that I can't have, is on the cover.
Can u help me i like a guy name neil we have been talking an getting to know each but i want him honestly to like me back. What should i do ? 😟
AGirlWithFanfics AGirlWithFanfics 19 hours ago
I actually thought this was a book to make good guy friends not boyfriends and crap
Welll, My sex is girl, my gender is boy. And I'm as straight as a ramp.... This book is not for me.
LeSenpai LeSenpai May 26, 2016
I texted my crush half an hours sgo and he didnt answer im crying i hope it isnt too awkward tomorrow omgg