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My 'Perfect' Kidnapper

My 'Perfect' Kidnapper

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TheCreative3 By TheCreative3 Completed

Meet 19 year old Aqua she's not like other girls she's sassy when she needs to be but all around lovely and nice everyone loves her and she had a alright going life and tried to keep herself happy. But what happened when she was just in a restaurant and a very attractive sexy man approaches her with a gun.Hes handsome and just plain gorgeous but she doesn't let that ignore the fact HE FUCKING KIDNAPPED HER! Give this book a chance and this isn't a sequel to Me&Mr Arrogant but just give this book a go I promise you.Thankyou for all the love and support I've gotten so far!-----------He grabbed me by the waist and pushed me closer to him as he trapped me with both hands on the wall. My waist was conquered with butterflies and electricity striking in all my body."I'm sorry but just please..."He breathed out and I couldn't read his eyes but my heart started thumping against my chest.  What if he can hear it?!What if he can feel it?!Aqua calm down it's all good.. Except for the fact that he kidnapped me but yes everything's fucking perfect!"Why did you kidnap me?What are you going to do with me?"I whispered faintly and got the courage to look at his hurt filled eyes.He tightened the grip on my waist and pushed closer to me.  "I can't tell you but I will help you and make you feel like you haven't been kidnapped"He whispered back and my breathe hitched as his minty breathe hovered over my lips.  Aqua.Stop.  "Okay"I mumbled and like he realised how close he was and was drawing circles on my waist,setting it on fire, he backed away.i walked away but I soon felt a warm hand on my wrist as I got swung over into his chest."Please eat"He said and smiled down at me."Or do you have something else in mind"He wriggled his eyebrows seductively and I scrunched up my nose in disguist as I shook my head at him childishly.A smirk plastered his face."In you dreams"I stated with a smile on my lips."Obviously"He mumbled to himself,  Wow isn't he just the perfect kidnapper-Note the sarcasm.

PrincessSaleh PrincessSaleh Jul 24, 2016
I would've been like "bruh, if you're gonna kill me or something can I just first?" 😂
MariahOwo MariahOwo May 24, 2016
😑 ... "make you feel like you haven't been kidnapped" exactly?...
chandso7 chandso7 Sep 07, 2016
I love your story line. They are always amazing as I have read your other story too. OK bye.... as I m curious to read what happens .....😊
Journalfreak Journalfreak Oct 16, 2016
If anyone is a Harry Potter fan- Obviously quoted by Severus snape
cece115y cece115y May 21, 2014
@TheCreative3 way is the sequel it is me and Mr arrogant right