Me being Roc Royal's little sister ( Mindless Behavior love story)

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__jessiebear By __jessiebear Updated 3 months ago
Nicki Young is Roc Royal's little sister after he got famous,She has not seen him for 2 years.She has passed her akward stage so she looks completly differnt then when he last saw her. She is pissed at him she say he ruined her life.Girls try to use her to get to Mindless Behavior.But she is to smart for them.When Roc Royal and the boys comes home for a year things get turned up side down .  He now wants to be in her life. and then on top of that he is playing Over Protective brother. But when Princeston starts to like Nicki what happens when Roc finds out? Will Nicki ever find out. and what happens when Nicki gets discovered for her talent.  Well i will tell you this there will be alot of hartbreak.Crazy ass fans. Real friends. and problems   Can Nicki handel it all or will she just give up and lock up forever  But something will happen that will change her forever for better AND for worse
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