My brothers best friend

My brothers best friend

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__jessiebear By __jessiebear Updated Feb 18, 2016

Brianna's Pov.


I stare at the door in excitement, Chresanto will be coming home from school any time now. He promised he would take me to get some ice cream. I sat  waiting  and waiting  as time flew by and day grew to night I knew he wasn't coming home. I huff  getting ready for bed.  

I huff staring at the door  in annoyance my so called brother will be coming home any time from now. He was touring with a group apparently. I heard some of their songs and let me tell you it was trash. 

" Bri don't look too excited for your brother to be coming home" my mom said as she was finishing up cleaning the family room.

Rolling my eyes I replied " Oh I'm so excited I just can't hide it " I mumble. 

" You know, whatever grudge you're holding just give it up now, yes he may have hurt you by disappearing one  day  and not returning home but that doesn't mean you can be a little word about it. "

For mom " a little word " means bitch. 

The doorbell rang continually and my mom wip...

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