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The Alpha's Bad Boys | boyxboyxgirl ✎

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its_just_a_lovestory By its_just_a_lovestory Updated Feb 24, 2019

Ezra Harland, dubbed as the ultimate ladies man and the suave player who breaks girls' hearts left and right, is off to college. His bad boy ways, timely quips, sweet as fuck charms, and horny as hell Beta-blood make him the most irresistible combination to walk the earth. After being surrounded by happy couples 24/7, he has given up his pursuit of 'The One', and is heading to HillBridge Uni at his Alphas' insistence, expecting the worst few years of his life ahead of him.

Theon Berkeley, a player who plays the players. You think you've met bad boys, before? Think again. His dark, brooding personality and silent, mysterious-aura are what that labeled him the worst of them all, the king of the bad boys. After wiping out the entirety of the female population in his little pack and bored out of his mind without new options, he's off to HillBridge Uni, where girls are aplenty and the fun never ends.

Nyah Pineda, commonly known as the second born kid who had to step in and become the Alpha at the last minute. Although, don't ever make the mistake of assuming she's the good-girl she used to be. After almost tearing apart the mouths that said she couldn't do it and taking down the five men who challenged her for it, she developed a backbone of steel and an attitude to match. Following the year she took off to perfect her responsibilities, she's finally gotten enough time to breathe. And, to go to college.

Three vivid personalities. Three different stories. All hoping for a change. When fates inevitably bring them together, they all can't help being baffled by the impossibility of the situation.

How was the Beta supposed to give up his position and move? How were two straight guys supposed to be each other's Mates? How was the female Alpha supposed to have two Mates, when she wasn't even ready for one?

The solution?

Go with the flow and share Nyah. No 'homo', whatsoever.

Too bad for them, the Mate-bond didn't work that way.

It was either all or nothing.