Torn - [Student/Teacher]

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Arianna Wilkens is a typical 17 year old. Innocent, quiet, mature... average. After a dangerous incident with her ex, she and her mother move in a new city. Arianna struggles to adjust in her new school as being the new student, considering it's her senior year where everyone knows everyone. After meeting her new classes she stumbles upon meeting her gym teacher, Sean Pann. She soon realizes that he is the eye candy every girl in school dreams about, a man who's smart, outgoing, athletic, and young. When Arianna gets caught with a group of deliquents she is forced to spend her afterschool with Mr. pann for volunteer hours instead of detentions. After agreeing, she eventually finds, that Mr. Pann isn't who he seems to be. He hides another part of his life from the school and student body. When Arianna finds out what he loves to do outside of school, she takes a ride into his life, where it contains, erotic, dark, sensual and mysterious acts of play that changes her life forever. He wants her to submit to him. All of her even if it means learning about her past. But she's reluctant to give herself to him completely yet he will do everything in his power to have her. Their only agreement to all of this, is they can't fall in love.
    This is their struggle on keeping everything a secret, what's right and wrong, dark pasts, and love.
    She's underage
    he's a teacher
    she's a student
    he's a dom
    she's a lover
    he's an addict
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Fifty shades of grey scene 
                                    *are you going to make love to me now?* 
                                    *i don't make love. I fuck. Hard. *
lol haven't watched fifty shades of grey but STORY SOUNDS LIKE IT
Christian? You leave me chained up in your red room to hang out with that girl?
Christan Grey, just get out man. You don't need to be in the story.
Wow u just swore in front if ur teacher - bad girl(note the sarcasm)
I decided to look at the character list at the end of the chapter and I know what u did just before, author....