The Mirrorwell Witch

The Mirrorwell Witch

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stefanie simpson By Stefanie_Simpson Completed

What will Henry find beyond the Mirrorwell? 

Henry inherits his estranged uncle's cottage, where an old legend and a strange mirror lead him on a fated path of magic, witchcraft and evil. 

Out of the army and drifting, the old place gives him purpose, but memories lie beyond his reach until a reckoning comes of secrets from the past and him, revealing a world beyond his understanding.

CONTENT WARNING: mild horror and supernatural elements. References to hanging witches in the 17th century.

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The mysterious carvings, whispers of strange occurrences, the unusual mirror. (Autumn gets up to lock the door)
hey please check out my book What lexi Left us❤️ id really appreciate it. i read the first few chapters of yours and i loved it. great description and its so relatable and thats key on wattpad. The mix of mimicry and magic is truely beautiful 
                              read for read/ vite for vote please ❤️
sarahs530 sarahs530 Sep 21
Oohhh I can already tell this is going to give me a good scare--well done!!
sarahs530 sarahs530 Sep 20
Ooohhh this is a very compelling start to things! Can't wait to see what happens :)
Got me wondering what mess I'm gonna get into! Rather, what hell Henry will get into.
Ahhhh.  Nice beginning. I feel the place. You made me laugh. I was urgently thinking “Rubber Gloves!” Then he found them.