Poems by a Girl Named Sarah

Poems by a Girl Named Sarah

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I love you By girlfromcali Updated Oct 05

Sometimes I write poems because the silence is to deafening to comprehend.

As the words begin to form, the lines will start to fill and suddenly the poem is visible.

This is where I place them, your welcome to open them up, raise a magnifying glass over them and criticize each syllable but please put them back on there shelf because I've probably already lost a few in this crazy mind I have.

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Well I’m stuck here, trying to make sense of it all 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾
Newe14 Newe14 Sep 13
I also loved this one. If someone hasn't already, they honestly need to come up with a social experiment: a penny and a quarter in a parking lot
theHawk__ theHawk__ Sep 24
Because life is a gigantic jigsaw puzzle,the game is just begun. Learning the structure of an atom did not once make sense to the chemist as well. Eh?
sadbo1hours sadbo1hours 4 days ago
i love this poem. do you think you could check mine out? id appreciate it very much, it’s on my profile, the only book there
hanii_R hanii_R Oct 06
This is sooo good... and the words are totally relatable👌
sarabeth07 sarabeth07 Oct 01
Such a vivid picture of your feelings, very expressive. You did a great job.