Return to the Seven Kingdoms (Book 2)

Return to the Seven Kingdoms (Book 2)

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LadySapphire2018 By LadySapphire2018 Updated May 24

Mermaids were supposed to be the stuff of fantasies. Beautiful myths designed to enchant and delight adults and children in equal measure, but now Jasmine knew better because she was one. 

Not only were mermaids real, they came in both genders and they had built thriving societies beneath the oceans' waves. Seven Kingdoms had existed in relative harmony until someone began orchestrating attacks against all the kingdoms to bring about The Reckoning. 

The day that humanity found out what lurked beneath the sea was the day that everything would change. Armed with a prophecy, magic, and a talking dolphin, it was up to Jasmine and her friends to stop The Reckoning from happening.

Second book in The Seven Kingdoms Series

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