Replay: Amnesia | BOOK 1

Replay: Amnesia | BOOK 1

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K. Weikel By renesmeewolfe Completed

Imagine losing every memory you had, the memories that create who you are. You wake up in an unfamiliar room, trapped on the second story with only a window for escape. Blood is on the nightstand next to you and there's a note with a warning and an address, an address that will lead you to a shop filled with deadly secrets. Those secrets could be the key to unlocking your memory... one you might not want back. 

All questions will come to the brink... and then everything will tumble down. 


1. Amnesia
2. Reboot
3. Tiptoe
4. Crimson

Written in second-person POV. 
Updated on Fridays.
Copyright K. Weikel 2018 
Not open for criticism
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This has a typo. Please ignore it. I’ll fix it later today <3
Umm, in the published version will there be fancy text boxes?
Tweeter109 Tweeter109 Sep 16
This is actually so creative and interesting. Love the use of multi-media. I’ll definitely keep reading.
I love this! ❤️ you’re writing in a hard way. My teacher would applaud you.
Thanks for reading! I hope you guys enjoyed 😊 THIS is the book that’s been stealing my attention away from the other seven books I’m working on and won’t let me write anything else until I’m done. But I do hope you like it! Updates on Friday’s!