Twenty Cents / 20 Cents (Boyxboy)

Twenty Cents / 20 Cents (Boyxboy)

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_Zxch By ZachhT Updated Aug 02

Ryder Kings. Leader of the mafia gang - Wolves. He doesn't give two shïts about anything. At the age of 23, he became the youngest, yet strongest mafia gang leader. 

Noah Mason. A little waiter working in a local vintage coffee shop at the age of 21. He's a innocent cinnamon bun, like what his Best Friend, Kayla, always called him. 

When Ryder, had to send a letter himself, he was beyond pissed. What pissed him off more was when he was short of 20 cents and the damn lady didn't want to accept his 100 dollar bill. 

He was about to start shouting profanities and take off his shades so that the damn lady could recognise him. Before he could, he felt a tug on the hem of his suit. He was about to turn and punch the person who dared lay a hand on him.

He was shocked at what he saw, little Noah, flushed, had a 20 cent on his cute tiny fingers as he held it out to Ryder.

Seeing Noah's flushed face, small body and cute ass, Ryder knew he had to have him.