Bride From The Stars (On Hold)

Bride From The Stars (On Hold)

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ExHu By ExperimentalHuman Updated Nov 05

When an impending Alien attack threatens Earth, Dezirae steps up to save the human race by giving up everything she holds dear. Lost in a world between doing what's right and struggling with where her loyalty should be, Dezirae finds herself more alone than she's ever been.


Living in the "Land of the Free and Home of the Brave" doesn't mean a darn thing when your father runs the country. Sam's freedom was stripped from him when the fate of the world was used to guilt him into marrying an Alien Princess. What he didn't expect was to ever care about the strange girl who talks to the stars.

(SLOW UPDATES.....but not too slow..)

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CarinaHelix CarinaHelix Oct 25
man I love it when authors get the blend of sci-fi settings and fantasy atmospherey things right
Honestly, when humans gain influence and have control of powerful resources we tend to bend away from morality. So, in a futuristic time period if we became capable to Interstellar travel and advanced weaponry I would not be surprised to see us become antagonists on a Universal scale.
ElleLeeLove ElleLeeLove Sep 25
I like Rae! Can't wait to join her on her adventure to meet the hooomans!
mRoseyH mRoseyH Sep 30
This is he first I heard it described this way.  Simple, beautiful, yet sad.
mRoseyH mRoseyH Sep 30
😂 you’re about the first that actually points out the truth!
At first I thought that the authors name was compare then I read the rest then got confused but eventually I worked it out