A short story about a serial killer in the hospital with cancer...being haunted by the ghosts of his victims.

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NightingaleManor NightingaleManor Oct 03, 2015
@forever_a_writer1204 I seem to not be getting all the notifications for comments...I went through my stories today to see if I missed any and what do you know? i'm glad you enjoyed it and thank you for commenting. :)
NightingaleManor NightingaleManor Aug 11, 2013
@andy112138 Thanks for reading it. I'm elated to hear you enjoyed it. :D
andy112138 andy112138 Aug 11, 2013
Awesome story! I love it! Thank you for giving me a dose of horror. I really needed it! XD
NightingaleManor NightingaleManor Aug 01, 2013
@BerrettaBomb Thank you! :3 This story seems very popular lately. :)
Kyla_ky Kyla_ky Jul 31, 2013
Very creative and unique! I love this story. Keep writing! xxx
NightingaleManor NightingaleManor Jun 25, 2011
@nicole_tuttle Thank you. At the time we were given short suggestions on a paper to pick from and build on. ^_^