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Summer Doesn't Last Forever

Summer Doesn't Last Forever

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MILLIE By millie_ Completed

Seventeen year old McKenna Bryant isn't happy about being shipped to the small town of Vernon in California for the summer while her mother and step-father vacation in Brazil. Seven long years have passed since McKenna saw any of the six O'Connor children. What she fails to realize is that love isn't always so obvious and that seven years can really change a person. Can McKenna survive the summer in Vernon or will she be pushed to the breaking point?
 © Copyright 2012 Millie Morgan. All Rights Reserved.

absolutely2 absolutely2 Mar 27
Well I live in the middle of nowhere and we have no mall and no bookstore and we used to have a Hobby Lobby which was the only place I actually liked but they closed it smh
Why is she such a pushover like it's your damn seat, you were there first smh
jadennn5 jadennn5 Mar 26
I live in a medium sized town about an 1 and a half away from Dallas, and about 30 minutes from Fort Worth.
yasss I say mother too or I say her first name, she hates it but idc lol
cIayevans cIayevans Mar 05
there's actually a vernon, michigan. it's boring af [i know bc i live here] but it exists.
no offense but she's kinda a bitch like your parents are letting you stay in california 5 miles away from la like TAKE ME WITH YOU