Kisses From Renzo

Kisses From Renzo

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Renzo Ivanov only wishes for one thing: to successfully secure and bring his own project to fruition without the help of his self-made billionaire father. A part-time postgrad student, he juggles his time between studying, teaching undergrads and providing his assistance at his father's company. Yet despite it all, behind his billion-dollar smile, is a man who wants nothing more to be appreciated and loved--to forget the worries of tomorrow. When he meets the little spitfire, Aurelia Salvador, again on one fateful night, he begins to learn what it truly means to be free. 

Aurelia Salvador has no idea what she wants from life. Despite being in her sophomore year of college, she has absolutely no plans for the future. She wants nothing more than to experience college life to the fullest; to make meaningful relationships, and wonderful memories. Careless, and prone to one too many injuries, she can't help but attract trouble, so when she ends up on the run from cops on that disastrous night, she kisses the closest stranger to avoid getting caught. If only she knew it would be the same man to teach her what it means to dream. 

Between meddling family members, ex-lovers, and a number of scandals, there's only so much that can keep the two lovers apart.

[This is a college Romance/Comedy story!]
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