Damn, Mr. Billionaire

Damn, Mr. Billionaire

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Deo By BoringHuman Updated May 03, 2015

Julie Wilson is an average 18 year old homeless girl that you think you'll see roaming around the streets. But the moment you let your guard down around her, you'd better watch out for your valuables. 

She's as cunning as a fox, as witty as an owl and as smart as a pack of wolves. Once she's set her eyes on you, you'll never be able to escape her hands. She is a very skilled pickpocket that is able to steal anything she desires.

Due to this, she managed to survive through this treacherous world with her brother after they ran away from home. With her well-trained skills and her elder brother, Jacob Wilson, they managed to fill their stomachs.

On an eventful night, Julie was about to do what she always does at night; pickpocket. When she spotted a rich man alone that night, she'd thought that she caught a big fish. But the tables have turned for her. This time, the big fish caught her.

Cover credits to @jyolin

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fatsqadar11 fatsqadar11 May 01, 2017
Aaaaaaaw this chapter made me cry *sniffs* but it was A....M....A....Z.....I.....N....G!!!!!😘😚
cam_andrew cam_andrew Jul 29, 2016
This is so emotional I cried 😔😔 and I already love Jason
RedAsSnow RedAsSnow Nov 01, 2016
....what about the kids? Did she think he wouldent hurt them?
Queen_Tequila Queen_Tequila Dec 06, 2015
She could have called the cops or at least took you with her
katerina_C_99 katerina_C_99 Jul 17, 2015
i feel like it should have been the prologue but other than that it is really good!!!
FreakingBonkers FreakingBonkers May 17, 2014
just make sure to keep updating because every auto has to start off from somewhere