Cursed Genetics (YOONMIN Hybrid)

Cursed Genetics (YOONMIN Hybrid)

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BANGTANGBABY By euridiessia Updated Mar 24

Yoongi laughed "Stop complaining Jimin! You should be thankful you're a hybrid. You get the luxury of avoiding taxes, military services, and getting a job. Your job as a hybrid is to look cute, and wait to be pampered. Your basically a glorified pet!"

"Despicable think it's a luxury being seen as a breathing sex toy?!"

Yoongi huffed, "It's not like you don't like it, all hybrids love sex, it's encrypted into your DNA to please us."

"Be quiet you miserable drunk!! It's not our fault that our entire genetics are cursed!!"


This story takes place at the peak of Hybrid liberation from human oppression. These magnificent creatures have been lawfully integrated into human society as equals instead of sex toys or "glorified pets."

Park Jimin is the first hybrid to be accepted by a team of FBI agents. It is up to him to show the world the endless possibilities of the hybrid population. Him, like hundreds of his species, are trying to adapt to the human world while fighting for their equality and controlling their animalistic instincts.

WARNING!! (You get one warning post)

( No, this isn't one of those Hybrid stories where Jimin is a helpless cat boy who needs  daddy Yoongi to save him. There is a lot that goes into this story, every person has their own dirty little secrets and problems they will have to face.)

SMUT (It's a hybrid story. What hybrid story doesn't have sex?....duh)
body mutilation
mention of rape 
foul language
major character death
abusive relationships
Mental instability 
drug addiction
Alcohol abuse
bloody and graphic writing

Author note: This story is an emotional roller coaster, I hope your heart can take it :D Enjoy!!!

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