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Lex London, desperate to change his ways after a lifetime of crime, is living undercover in a small apartment. His already crazy life is thrown upside down when an old friend asks him to take care of Levi Richards, a young boy who admires Lex more than anyone thought was possible. 

A story about a thief, a hero in the making, a sarcastic companion, a wise mentor, an honest heart, and a traitor.

You'll never know which is which.

Lex opened the envelope, taking out a letter.

"Dear Lex," he read, and scowled, "'Dear Lex'? Who does Raynold think he is?"

"Inside," Levi ordered, turning Lex around and shoving him back into the apartment, before following him and slamming the door behind them.

"Hey, go easy on the door-slamming!" Lex protested, "I don't want the neighbours thinking I'm a savage!"

The only answer he got was another shove into the general direction of the green couch, and Lex obeyed with a resigned third sigh.

"There goes my peaceful Saturday morning," he muttered to himself.

He ruffled his hair again as he let himself fall onto the couch, scanning through the letter quickly while the young man hovered behind him.

[WARNING: Cheap coffee, and maybe mild swearing]
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