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In every town, there are girls looking for love and boys looking for trouble. On the rare occasion, you might just find the people that are looking for both.

Serena Cortez finds herself moving to a brand new town after her father gets a job transfer to Washington. It isn't easy adapting to such a big move; from the skyscrapers of New York City to the acres of land covered in cloud-touching trees. 

When Serena finds herself curious about Isaac Lahey, the boy who eats his lunch alone every day, she discovers more about him off the people whom warn her of him. They told her not to go into the forest because of Isaac, but what they don't know is that he's the only reason she's ever entered in the first place.

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- - Jun 09, 2016
Same i remember i had to act nice and stuff because i was new
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Its 4:46 AM I was about to go to sleep but then i saw this. #whoneedssleep
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I love Willa and have a fan page for her on Instagram ; it's @(willadaily) follow please!! ((: