The Story of Sehun & Hayoung (Love or Lust?)

The Story of Sehun & Hayoung (Love or Lust?)

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Oh Sehun - A mysterious man who never told anyone about him. But openly to a woman named 
                      Oh Hayoung, without realised, showing her the true self of Oh Sehun.

Oh Hayoung - A woman who never give up with her life. Standing by her two feet to survive. The fate
                         make her met a guy named Oh Sehun. Slowly falling into his arms and start relaying
                         as they are meant to be. 

What happen when two people with different world met and falling in love? Would it be disaster or blessed? People said, Love is the strongest feelings that even angels can't avoid. 
Are they are meant to be or just misfortune to each other?

Start : 7 Sept 2018
End : 16 Feb 2019