Misery [OLD]

Misery [OLD]

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Sawyer; By Thantophobiac Updated Sep 29, 2018


Lee Rightwind is a nineteen-year-old girl. She's had depression for over four years now, and it seems like everything is bothersome. She goes by daily life without any excitement. She has no friends nor family, but it doesn't bother her, seeing that she's a loner. Living in a dorm room on Golden Dawn grounds, she lives a pretty nice life. Unlike the girls her age, she has no interest in drugs, alcohol or being a slut. Basically, normal.

Daxton Miller, on the other hand, is twenty-two. He's the Alpha of the Chained Hounds pack, one of the most ferocious and feared. His parents are filthy rich and the former leaders of the pack. He's known as a killer. Everything about him screams 'exciting' and 'hot.' He's got a huge ego because of the amounts of girls who swoon over how dominant he is. But deep down, all he wants is a challenge. Someone who won't give herself up to him as soon as he comes by. 

(This book has fated mates, but it's rare that people have a fated mate. The two main characters do not have fated mates, but symptoms similar to fated mates can be felt after marking/mating.)

  • alpha
  • depression
  • ego
  • fatedmates
  • loner
  • love
  • luna
  • marking
  • mates
  • mating
  • packs
  • rich
  • werewolf