Hello, Heir

Hello, Heir

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feyeri By feyeri Updated Jun 20

He is the heir of Di Hao Group; decisive, cold-blooded yet dotes on his wife a little too much.

"Husband, I think I want to rear a pet. What do you think we should rear?"

"Rear you."

"Husband, I want to change bed sheets. Which material do you think is the most comfortable to sleep on?"



Zhuang Nai Nai: Can't he speak properly for once?

One day, somebody asked the man, "Why are you always the first one to bow your head every time you two fight?"

Si Zheng Ting: "I am 185 cm, she is 165 cm. Of course I have to bow down to speak to her."

To put it short, this is a story about a black-belly president, his wife and their effort to conceive children after marriage.


This story does not belong to me, and this is mainly for offline reading purposes. All credit goes to novel updates and all chapter translators.

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