I Color You

I Color You

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[ I have got some amazing feedbacks, so editing it.]

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Until maturity, no one can see clearly. Feel to full extent. Everything is less. Distorted.

Bright, florescent colors are the only colors they know. 

Any structure, let it be a face or a building, they can't make it out without touching it.

Anger or love, every feeling is like a dripping faucet not a full on torrential rain.

Until Maturity.  

When matured, they can see and feel thousand folds of what they were capable of before.

What about the friends, whom they know mostly by their voices. Will they still be friends? What if the matured mind wants more?

Six individuals, six perceptions, one craving - to be accepted.

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This whole chapter was just a summary of how college is for me😂 coffee house, last minute presentation, not wanting to talk to anyone.
But honestly I relate so much! I hate awkward conversation just for the sake of conversation it’s awful.