The Girl that Hades called Persephone

The Girl that Hades called Persephone

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~~~Major editing at the moment as I didn't  expect so many readers! This is honestly my first draft, and I know there are errors left and right. Slowly but surely I'll have it up to date! Thank you so much for all the reads and interactions! ~~~

21-year-old Persephone(who actually goes by Steffi since no one can spell or say her name correctly) is starting college. She's is finally two hours away from her overbearing mother, and able to live on her own. 
The first day, as she's walking through the forest, she meets a stranger on the bench. Dark hair, bright eyes, her stomach filled with butterflies. She was drawn to the stranger that sat on the bench.
Connecting to him, they soon see each other more and more. 
Little did she know, it's the God of the underworld, and he's falling in love with her every second of the day.

This is the story of Hades and Persephone. 

(I honestly didn't think people were going to read this story, so I am slowly going back and editing each chapter! Thank you to all my readers who have loved this story as much as I loved writing it!)

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