ELECTUS - Book 1

ELECTUS - Book 1

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Fire... beautiful isn't it? It can burn, destroy, breach, but what if it's superiorly charged? Bestowed upon a human being at a rate that's incomparable even against the toughest Fire Blasters of history?
Well... it becomes extraordinarily dangerous.

Young Eric has been blessed with such ability, he has been blessed with the title of an Electus!
Which apart from Fire, brings 7 more powers, making him one of a kind.

Might be perfect timing, as Demons from another dimension are flocking the sea and land, looking to shred the world, destroy all 13 continents.

Yet there is hope! Black Fire, yes... that's the cure. It can dismantle portals, but to generate such Fire it demands to ascend towards a level that's seen as impossible, even for an Electus!

But that's the only solution, that's the goal. To banish these "peaceful demons" back to the satanic dimension they call home.

Will Eric be able to do it though? This journey has been bestowed to him as if from the holy, although he's just a 15 year old boy!